Hit me up, National Parks!

Hi guys!

Well, we’ll start with the bad news first… I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile (I’ve been super busy with school and exams and stuff). Good news is that I’m finally done all my school stuff and it’s officially summer break for me! I thought it would be interesting to make a post about my visit to a couple national parks, even though I visited them in May.

The first place we visited was Tobermory and the Northern Bruce Peninsula Trail. Although this isn’t exactly a national park, the Bruce Peninsula Trail runs along Bruce Peninsula National Park and is home to some calm beaches and stunning sights.


Sweater: Puma, Pants: Adidas

One of the most famous national parks in Ontario is Bruce Peninsula National Park. I’d have to say that the most popular attraction here is the Grotto. Although you might find this spot a little crowded, especially in the summer time, it’ll still be worth a visit because of the beautiful rocks and the turquoise waters!

Because of the popularity of the park, there are three different time slots in which you can visit. On a day that the weather is nice, I would suggest going early in the morning because there is a limit for parking and only a certain amount of people can visit per time slot.


Unfortunately, it got a bit cloudy in the afternoon on the day that we went but on the bright side, there was definitely less people than normal due to the not-so-top condition weather! The water here is pretty cold and clean, so it would be nice to go for a dip in the summer as well.


Sweater: Puma, Pants: Lululemon leggings

Because the Grotto is at the bottom of a rock cliff and you are required to climb down the cliff in order to get to the bottom, I would suggest wearing running/hiking shoes and comfortable pants, such as leggings. Try to avoid shorts if possible because some of the rocks can give you scratches.

Since there are time slots for visiting Bruce Peninsula National Park and the Grotto, I’d suggest visiting one of the waterfalls if you happen to have any extra time.


Right next to Bruce Peninsula National Park is Fathom Five National Marine Park. The most popular attraction at this national park is Flowerpot Island. On the boat ride to the island, you will get a glimpse of two different ship wrecks. There are two types of boats you can choose from, but I would personally recommend the jet boat on the way there and the glass bottom boat on the way back because you can only see the shipwrecks on the way there and the jet boats give you a better view of the shipwrecks. The glass bottom boats may be the more famous choice, but the glass bottoms on the ships are fairly small, so you may not get the best view.


The three images above are all pictures taken from the jet boat on the way to Flowerpot Island. In case your wondering why the island is called Flowerpot island, it is because there are two rocks that are shaped like flowerpots. I know this may sound a little bit weird, but trust me, the entire island is such a wonderful place to visit.



Jacket: Dynamite, Shirt: Untitled and Co, Pants: Risque clothing

On the island, there are a few trails but they aren’t very rigorous, so it’d be fine to be a bit more fashionable with your clothing choices for those insta-worthy pictures, but I would still suggest wearing running shoes to protect your feet from the ground and rocks.

Because this area in general is such a popular place to visit, planning your trip in advance is important. For us, we planned this trip about two months prior, so there weren’t many choices for hotels and we ended up staying at Comfort Inn, which was about a one hour drive from most of the National Parks. There are only a few hotels and motels available near the national parks, so I would suggest booking six months to a year in advance.

Also don’t forget to try the Fish N Chips while you’re here!

& comment below!

Missy MJ




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