Weekends at the Market Place

For the first time since I’ve moved to Toronto, which is like the first time in 10 years, I finally went to Kensington Market on Saturday! I was so excited to go mainly because I’ve never been but also because I’ve heard many wonderful things about Kensington, especially about its yummy food.

Sadly I didn’t get a #OOTD picture today (I was too busy eating away!) but I did take this one mirror selfie with my mom πŸ˜‰


Shirt: Forever 21 // Skirt: No idea, sorry about that!

My mom’s friend goes to Kensington market often, so she sent us an entire essay on where to go and her favourite menus. There were so many places that looked tasty but we decided to go to Otto Berlin’s Doner. They serve Berlin-style kebabs and currywurst, both of which I’ve never had before, but they were delicious. The restaurant has a nice patio and deco, which added towards bringing a lot of people! After eating, we went exploring around the enormous neighborhood and found that there were quite a few vintage clothing stores. I love these stores because they sell unique pieces that you probably won’t find anywhere else!


The weather was really warm yesterday and it was sunny, so we stopped by Seven Lives Paleteria for Mexican-style popsicles. I got the watermelon kiwi popsicle and it helped to cool me down and plus it was tasty! My mom and I both wanted to go to a cafe for some coffee and drinks after, so we walked along to Fika cafe. They have delicious iced coffee and lattes. The iced coffee was different than the ones I’d had before because it kind of had a minty flavour to it but the iced coffee gets more and more addicting as you drink it. Another bonus to this entire day was that there was a jazz festival going on, so I could hear wonderful music everywhere I went!


Today (Sunday), I went to St. Lawrence Market, which basically means I spent my entire weekend wondering through these famous market places. The market itself at St. Lawrence is actually closed but instead we went for the antique market that happens every Sunday. The antique market was a great experience and I definitely want to go again. The place was huge and each table was selling such unique and interesting things, I wanted to buy all of them! The price range is pretty large with some things starting from $1 ranging all the way to $1000. We ended up getting a bag, some jewelry, and an accessory stand. I actually remembered to take outfit pics today (!!! Be proud of me for remembering, my friends!)


Shirt: Untitled and Co // Pants: Risque Clothing // Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith // Bag: DKNY

I actually got the DKNY bag today, and it’s a total vintage bag but it looks pretty stylish (I think). There’s a lot of great food at St. Lawrence Market as well, but we went to Barsa Taberna, which is a Spanish tapas restaurant. The weather was lovely today, so we ate on the patio and the patio had beautiful flowers surrounding it. We got the scallop tapas and the burger (plus my mom got the spicy margarita) and at first we thought it wasn’t going to be enough because tapas usually have small portions but we were so full after those two dishes! Remember to ask for bread to dip in the tapas sauce if you get the scallop tapas! We went to Balzac’s after for a Cafe Frappe (my absolute favourite coffee drink), and the Magic Bar – a chocolate and nut covered bar πŸ™‚


I’m going away tomorrow (school related trip), so I won’t be active or updating for the next 3 days 😦

Bye for now!