Ice Cream Season?

It’s April. Soon to be May. With temperatures reaching almost 20 degrees celsius, our bodies tell us we need something cold. This means…… IT’S ICE CREAM SEASON SOON!!!

Living in the city (Toronto) has its perks and problems, and ironically, they’re the same thing: there’s too many choices!!! This post is for all you ice cream lovers, who are having trouble finding the perfect place for you!


Located at 21 Baldwin Street, Arctic Bites is Toronto’s first ice cream shop that serves thai inspired ice cream rolls! And I must say, they do look wonderfully pretty. The menu here changes seasonally, but I would recommend trying “Love at First Bite” (pictured below on the right). Arctic Bites can be a little pricey, with the average cup starting at around $8, but it is definitely worth trying, especially if you’ve never had ice cream rolls before!

arctic bites


The name of the store sure is accurate cuz my, oh my, is it sweet!!! Located at 106 John Street, Sweet Jesus offers the perfect ice cream for those who have a sweet tooth. They have many different toppings for ice cream, although the ice cream itself is usually vanilla soft serve.

sweet jesus.png


Tsujiri not only serves ice cream, but also pastries and tea, all made with either matcha or hojicha! If you’re a matcha lover like me, this is the place to go. From matcha sundaes to matcha shaved ice, you’ll know that it is a match(a) made in heaven (haha) when you try it!! Located at 147 Dundas Street West, it can get busy at some times, especially being so close to the Eaton Centre, but it is worth a shot.



If you’re one of those people who always get their ice cream in cones, then Eva’s Original Chimneys with be an absolute fantasy. Although they have a variety of ice creams and toppings available, that taste absolutely delicious, their cones are the main part of the treat! What are “Chimneys?” Chimneys are bread-like freshly baked Hungarian pastries, named after their hollow, cylindrical shape. Filled with ice cream, this treat could serve as a full meal, despite the sweetness of both the cone and the ice cream! Eva’s is conveniently located at 454 Bloor Street West, so make sure to stop by!

Eva's .png


Not a big fan of fancy or extra sweet ice cream? Try going to Hollywood Gelato, located at 1640 Bayview Avenue. With over 22 gelato flavours, all home made, this will surely help with cooling down on a warm day. Although it may not look as pleasing as other ice cream shops, the taste will not disappoint!


Final Suggestions

Some of the ice cream shops, especially Eva’s Original Chimneys and Tsujiri, can have really long lines on some days. If you’re planning to go, I would suggest going straight after school (around 4 pm) or as soon as the store opens on weekends if you wish to avoid longer lines.

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