Weekly Fav #5

Hello friends!

Weekly fav #5 will be kind of different than my previous ones because today I’ll be introducing two new items more related to health and body relief! If you’ve seen my airplane travel guide post, you’ll probably already know that I have a lot of pain in my calves 😦 So I ordered this cooling patches online and they really worked for me, so I hope y’all can benefit from them too! They’re called Lion Kyusoku Jikan Leg and Foot Relief Cooling Patches and basically they’re like stickers so you can easily put them on wherever you’re feeling pain before you go to bed and it’ll help with swelling as well.


The second item for today is the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. When I tried pilates for the first time, I remember using a foam roller and I fell in love with it! They can be used to strength workouts but also with loosening muscles, so it’s the perfect tool for home workouts! I guess there are a lot of foam rollers that you could buy but I would recommend a grid foam roller to help give more pressure when loosening muscles because of the bumpy surface instead of a regular smooth one.


See you for now 🙂 Bye!