Weekly Fav #6

Hello friends!

I gotta start off this blog post with an apology because I missed the Sunday (which was yesterday) that I was supposed to post my weekly fav! I guess if I were to make an excuse it would be that school just started this week and it’s been a bit hectic with all the getting used to sitting through classes and the jet lag I still had from Korea.

Onto the real game now 🙂 In honour of the beginning of a major fashion month (because a bunch of fashion shows go on this month) and it being the start of school, I’ll be making a style post to show you my favourite back to school outfit!


Jacket: 87mm // Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeans: Urban Planet // Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

My outfit is actually kind of on the basic side with a few extra touches to it. I really like white jackets because I feel like they brighten up my entire outfit, especially on days that I wear a lot of darker colours. The jeans actually have fish nets attached to just the rips, so there’s no need for you to wear stockings underneath (plus they were 20% off, so I mean, great deal)!

If you’re wondering why I’m holding a random pineapple, it’s because I was at a festival and they sold these fruit drinks 😉

Logo_1502620852004  (credits to Joanne Baker for the wonderful fashion drawings in the featured image!)