Korea Beauty Haul

Korea is already famous for it’s various beauty products, and since I’m here I was like why not make a post about the most popular beauty product, face masks! The majority of the face masks people use on a daily basis are cheap as well. I try to use a face mask every other day, but during really sunny weeks, I use one everyday to cool down my skin.

Tonymoly – I’m Real Face Mask


Tonymoly is one of the less well-known skin care brands in Korea, but I love the colorful packaging. They have the most unique types of face masks, such as the seaweed face mask (skin purifying) and the red wine face mask (for pore clearing). I love the avocado face mask (because I love avocado!) and the seaweed face mask (because I am in desperate need of clear skin!)

Reskin – One Week Treatment Mask

reskin.jpgThis unique mask set is like a one week treatment for your skin, where there are 7 masks, one for each day of the week. Each mask is meant to do something different, from brightening, to soothing, to hydrating. I would think of it as an experiment to try for a week and see how it benefits your skin!

The Face Shop – The Solution Face Mask Sheets

TheFaceShop The Solution Sheet Face Mask 02

The face masks from the Face Shop are more centered around the ingredients that would end up benefitting your skin by either moisturizing, hydrate, clear, or firm your skin. There are 10 masks that are part of this set and each one is supposed to benefit your skin in differently. My favourite is the smoothing face mask (dark blue) and the radiance mask (yellow).

Innisfree – It’s Real Squeeze Mask


Innisfree is actually one of my favourite brands for face masks and other skin products because it generally isn’t expensive and it has a variety of products for my skin type and many others as well. The innisfree face masks don’t have strong smells compared to other companies, so it’s especially good for those who have sensitive skin or don’t like strong scents. The most popular masks are the manuka honey and acai berry, but my personal favourite are the lime and aloe because I find that they’re the most cooling ones for easily heated skin like mine.

Hope this helps for those who want to try some new face masks!


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