Styling Wide Pants

A lot of people are starting to wear wide pants these days and I’ve gotten a few questions on how to style your outfit with wide pants, so I decided to make a post on it. At first, even I thought wide pants looked a little weird because I was used to wearing more tight-fitting pants but once I tried it, I realized that you could create some unique styles with wide pants as well.


  • Pants: Polyvore bruno silk paperbag waist
  • Shirt: Uniqlo basic white shirt // Banana republic grey

This is more of a casual style that is probably going to be the most comfortable way to style wide pants. It’s just any basic shirt and one colour wide pants. Because of the tight-fitting waist line (in the image above), it would look extra nice if you either tuck the shirt in all the way or maybe even just the front to make your legs look longer and to show off the cute bow on the pants.


  • Pants: Michael Kors stretch-crepe wide pants
  • Shirts: Chloe navy ruffled chiffon blouse // Uniqlo pink rayon skipper collar 3/4 sleeve blouse

This is probably the most formal style from this blog for those who need something new to wear to formal outings or to work. The blouses and the pants are both single coloured and the pants look more formal than the other ones as well because of the straight style. This can be styled similarly to the first outfit by either tucking in the shirt all the way or just the front but can also just be left alone because it’s a flowly blouse and meant to be formal.


  • Pants: Zara beige palazzo trousers
  • Shirts: Untitled & Co baby blue jason crop top  // Polyvore short sleeved camouflage cropped top

The most popular way to style wide pants for younger women is with a crop top (this is usually how I wear wide pants). This is another casual style and because wide pants are usually high waisted, you won’t have to worry about being too scandalous and show too much skin (but this really depends on the person). This is a more colourful look than the first style choice, so you could wear this outfit on outings or special days as well, if you want to stand out more.


  • Pants: Ace and Jig paperbag waist
  • Shirts: Anna October cold-shoulder red ruffled top // Coast zahara structured black top

Because wide pants are popular even during the summer (it has thin fabric a lot of the time), the off the shoulder top will help give your outfit a more summery feel. The pants in the image above looks nice with both flowy and tight-fitting tops (also shown above) because of the extra fabric at the waist line, which can be tied into a bow.



phillip lim cropped bomber jacket

  • Pants: Ace and Jig paperbag waist wide pants
  • Shirts: Sannysis black v-neck cut out bra top // Sass & Bide same love lover zip detail bustier
  • Jacket: Phillip Lim cropped bomber jacket

Another chic way to style wide pants are with a bra top or bustier. I guess these are similar to crop tops but it will probably be a lot colder wearing these because they are like cropped tank tops. The nicest style to wear with these tops would be the paperbag waist wide pants as they can fit better at the waist. Also if you end up getting cold or if it’s the chillier season, you can easily wear this outfit with a bomber jacket as well.

Hope this post helped with your style or made you want to wear these styles someday!


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