Airplane Travel Guide

Hola friends!

I guess summer vacation is kinda officially over now since school starts for me in like 4 days and I’m actually so sad! Summer went by so quickly like I mean if it was a car it would win a racing competition because it went by so quickly 😦 I’m back from Korea now and I survived another 13 hour flight back to Canada, so I thought I would share my flight guide with y’all today.


Shirt: Lululemon final lap short sleeve in midnight // Skirt: Lululemon lost in pace skirt in black

If it was a short flight I may have dressed in a bit more stylish way and not in work out clothes but because it’s a 13 hour flight, my main focus for my airport fashion and the most comfortable things I have. The skirt has pants attached underneath so it’s easy to move around comfortably.

13 hours on a place is literally what you would expect: boredom, tiredness, and kinda good/also kinda terrible airplane food. So I usually bring a lot of candy or chips or something like that on the plane to eat except I forgot to this time. I had access to the KAL Prestige Lounge at the airport because I’m a member of this airline priority thingy so I ate like noodles and sausages there before getting on the plane. BUT! They gave us our first meal like almost right after takeoff but I still full so I didn’t eat anything. But being the teenager I am, my stomach started rumbling like 3 hours later and I asked for instant noodles and BAM! I started the Korean airline chain of instant noodles. For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically Korean airline gives out instant noodles for people who are hungry but since the smell of instant noodles is so strong, when the first person orders it, it’s like a chain reaction and almost everybody orders it after and this time I had the honour of being the first person (lol)! But my point from this whole story is always bring some kind of chips or packaged food you like on the plane because you never know if you’ll get hungry or if the airplane food is just not really eatable.


What to Bring on the Plane

I think this is the most important part for airplane travel guides: what to pack in your carry on. I guess it’s different for every person what they like to bring on but today I’ll introduce what I brought on and I hope this helps with your next travel!

#1 Earphones – This is the most obvious thing but it’s also really important for long distance flights because the headphones that they hand out on the plane itself can sometimes be low quality.


#2 Beauty Enn Roller – I’ve been getting a lot of pain in my calves recently so I bought this massage roller and I found that it really helped! It’s easy to slip on and off so you could easily use it quietly on the plane (which is what I did).roller.jpg

#2.5 Compression Socks – I have this things called compression socks that go up to my knees and these help with the pain in my calves as well. My calves get really, really swollen on the plane and these socks help to minimize the swelling.


#3 Face Mask – Because it’s so dry inside the plane and I have pretty sensitive skin, I decided to try face masking on the plane. I’ve never done this before so I waited until they turned off all the lights on the plane and I wouldn’t be judged hehe. It’s actually really cooling and I felt that my skin wasn’t as dry as usual when I got off! innisfree-its-a-real-squeeze-facial-sheet-masks-green-tea-and-blackberries-iamcherrylemon.jpg

#4 Lip Balm – Just like my skin, my lips get dry quickly too (especially on the plane), so I always bring along my EOS lip balm.


#5 Laptop –  I used to bring books onto the plane to read but I’ve never ended up reading them so now I download movies on my laptop and watch them instead. They do have a mini individual tv on the Korean Air plane but sometimes there aren’t any movies that I want to watch so I always have some backup movie ready!


Get excited for more posts on back to school and fall fashion and styling!

Bye 🙂