Shop at Garosugil, Eat at Serosugil

Garosugil actually means tree-lined streets but garo means horizontal, sero is vertical, and gil is street so they actually mean horizontal and vertical streets! It's a popular place in Gangnam (yes, the place in Gangnam Style by Psy). Serosugil isn't really an official thing but that's what a lot of Koreans call it because it's … Continue reading Shop at Garosugil, Eat at Serosugil

Summer 2017 Bucket List

Well it's like almost the end of July, but I'm blogging about my summer bucket list right now, so I'm behind (once again) but it's a kind of special topic so hope y'all enjoy! Because I'm in Korea, I guess a lot of my bucket list will be things in Korea but a lot of … Continue reading Summer 2017 Bucket List