Triple Exhibition Day

On Saturday I went to the Seoul Arts Centre to see two exhibitions but I actually ended up seeing three. The first one I went to was a Karim Rashid exhibition and he is one of the world's top 3 designers! The second one was the X-ray Man exhibition that displayed different types of x-ray … Continue reading Triple Exhibition Day

Shop at Garosugil, Eat at Serosugil

Garosugil actually means tree-lined streets but garo means horizontal, sero is vertical, and gil is street so they actually mean horizontal and vertical streets! It's a popular place in Gangnam (yes, the place in Gangnam Style by Psy). Serosugil isn't really an official thing but that's what a lot of Koreans call it because it's … Continue reading Shop at Garosugil, Eat at Serosugil