Weekly Fav #3

I’m back with another weekly fav and since I went to such a nice restaurant yesterday, I guess today will be a food fav! Yesterday I went to Seoul Arts Centre to see a few exhibitions (I’ll blog about that soon too!), and after we went to the Shinsegae mall at Gangnam because they have a really fancy food area. My mom and I haven’t really been there and we found a teok-bokki (spicy rice cakes) restaurant called Villa de Spicy and since there was a line we knew it was a famous place so we decided to line up too. We waited for about 20 minutes, so it wasn’t that bad of a wait. The menu allows you to choose your portion size, how spicy you want it, the main topping (meat, seafood, or vegetables), side toppings (ramen noodles, sweet potato, egg, cheese, and more)! Plus, we also got the assorted tempura, so it went really well with the teok-bokki.


Get excited for my post on the Seoul Arts Centre!

Bye for now 🙂