Dangerous Woman @ Ariana Grande

On August 15 (also the Independence Day of Korea), I went to the Dangerous Woman Tour by Ariana Grande which was held in Korea! I was so excited to go because I missed the ticketing for a previous concert, and this time it was actually my wonderful dad who got me the tickets! My dad and I were both like standing tickets are too scary cuz you have to stand for the entire concert and be crushed between people (don’t judge, we both get tired easily lol!), so we decided to go with the best seating tickets as possible and we succeeded (more like he succeeded)! We sat in the T05 section which looks really small in the map below but it’s actual the best seating tickets you could get and plus there were individual tables for our seats as well!

The concert itself was at Gocheok Sky Dome and I’m so thankful that it’s an indoor dome thing because apparently it rained really hard during the concert! There was a lot of official merchandise available but since we went about one hour before the show started, all the hats were sold out so I didn’t buy anything 😦


The concert was supposed to start at 8 but it started around 10 minutes later which is actually considered to be on time since a lot of concerts start later these days. The first 10 minutes was a video intro with a countdown for her entrance. She started her concert off with Be Alright (one of my favourite songs)! Her next few songs consisted of Everyday, Bad Decisions, Touch it, and a couple others. When it was time to sing Side to Side, she actually started it off with riding a stationary bike, just like she did at the music awards. I didn’t think she would sing Bang Bang because it’s a collaboration between 3 artists, but she just sang her part and Nicki Minaj’s part was played through the screens.


For the song Moonlight, almost all of the audience turned on their phone flashlights as a kind of support thing, and Ariana also posted that video on her Instagram too! When she sang Over the Rainbow, everyone got quiet and it was an emotional moment, but on top of that, her live singing was perfect. I knew she was an exceptional singer but I hadn’t realized what a super star she was! Her final song for the concert was Into You but she came back after a few moments for an encore of Dangerous Woman and everyone was so hyped for it! It was such a great ending to this perfect night 🙂


Apparently there were a lot of celebrities at the concert like Akdong Musician and Baek Ayeon. We actually saw a girl group walk into our seating section and there was also a celebrity sitting right above us too. Apparently it was SNSD Taeyeon and Lee Joon who came but I’m not exactly sure because they came in after it became dark. There was also a celebrity sitting at the table right next to us except they had their hat covering most of their face so I couldn’t recognize who they were! After the concert we both got a bit hungry, so we went to Lotteria (basically a Korean McDonalds), and got cheese sticks and a hamburger to share!


Hope you enjoyed and if you have any idea who that unknown celebrity may be, let me know in the comments!