Leather in Summer

Hello everyone! So I’m back with another styling post because it’s bit awhile since I’ve done one I guess. Leather has always been a fashionable piece and today I’ll be blogging about a casual style so that leather seems a little more wearable and accessible on a regular day in summer as well.

I went shopping a couple days ago in Hongdae (check out my blog post on that) and I got this leather skirt from Forever 21 and it’s one of my favourite skirts now! My parents were kind of against me getting it because it’d be really hot but there’s an extra layer of fabric inside the skirt so the leather doesn’t stick to my skin. The Forever 21 I visited had this sale going on, so if I bought over 50,000 Won (about $50), I would get 21% off my purchase. I ended up getting a white shirt as well to wear casually with my skirt.

mermaid teeskirt.jpg

Shirt: Forever 21 mermaid squad tee  //   Skirt: Forever 21 faux leather mini skirt

I really like a basic black and white combo – this was a perfect fit for me! Because I had quite a few things to carry, I decided to use an eco bag that has elaborate designs as an accent piece to the look. I went to Gwanghwamun today, so these pictures were taken there!


Hope you liked this!

Missy MJ



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