Hongdae Places

A few days ago I decided to go to Hongdae (I really don’t know why considering it was like over 30 degrees). But I visited a few nice shops while I was there so I might as well introduce a few of the newest “hot” places in Hongdae!

My #OOTD for the day was a basic tennis skirt and top because I am slowly falling into the Korean girly fashion trend, although my skirt and shirt are both from America hehe.


Skirt: American Outfitters // Shirt: Banana Republic

I went to two different dessert shops and one of them was this gelato shop called Gelati Gelati. This store is popular for the rice flavour gelato and it surprisingly tastes really good! The second dessert shop is called Be Sweet On. It actually serves a lot of pastries and fancy tea sets but because of the burning hot weather, we decided to get the matcha bingsoo set instead and I do not regret it (yum yum)! The set comes with a huge bingsoo, roll cake, and tea 🙂


Since we went to Hongdae, I knew I had to go shopping. I didn’t know but we came across a sample sell at this very popular brand called 87mm. It’s a clothing store that was started and is owned by two Korean models and it even showcased at Seoul and London Fashion Week! There were lots of people waiting outside the shop and we got this number slip thing and had to come back in an hour to be able to go in. The store has a really simple interior with neon lights and white walls to make all the clothing stand out. A lot of the workers at the store were models as well and oh my oh my, they were verrrrrrryyyy tall, my neck was consistently looking up up up! The sample sale was great with prices ranging from 10,000 Won (about $10) to 50,000 Won (about $50), which is really cheap considering the jacket I bought for 50,000 Won is originally 130,000 Won (about $130).





There’s thing cafe in Mangwon-dong, that’s super close to Hongdae and it’s a hot place that became famous through Instagram because of the unique theme and entrance. It’s called Zapangi, and it’s the literal english spelling that means vending machine in Korea. The theme of the cafe is pink and the entrance to the cafe is through the famous pink vending machine! They sell milk tea in cute little bottles and cake in a tin as well!


I hope where y’all are, it’s not too hot and if it is stay cool and drink water!!!

Missy MJ


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