Weekly Fav #1

This is like a new blog section (?) where I’ll be keeping a weekly update on my life and anything that I want to share with y’all and stuff! There’s a lot of things that I do every week except I never really blog about all of the things I want to share because I usually only blog about big events or trends so I guess this will be a useful section for me to get things off my mind too 🙂

Food Fav

This week I went Sagan-dong with one of my friends (from America), her mom, and my dad. We went to this really nice restaurant called Smith Hanok. Hanok is a type of a traditional Korean building and it was unique because it was basically an Italian restaurant in a traditional Korean building. This was my first time going to this restaurant because last time I was going to go with my dad, we forgot to reserve so there was no space 😦 so make sure to reserve before you go. I also went to this cafe called Cocobruni and I had a bingsoo there and it was so good (had really big portions too yum yum!)


Missy Mj

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