Swimsuit Guide 2017

After I made my post on styling wide pants (check out that post if you haven’t already), multiple people have asked me to make another post about fashion and style so I decided to make a swimsuit guide, just because it’s summer I guess.

I actually just went to a waterpark yesterday and saw a lot of different types of swimsuits and after scrolling through Instagram a bit, I came up with 8 swimsuits that are definitely a trend in summer 2017.

Scoop-Back One Piece

Forever 21 hot sauce graphic one piece // J. Crew mixed stripe scoop back one piece

This one piece shows the rise of the popular 90s swimsuit trend. A lot of these one pieces have unique quotes or designs, so even if the design of the swimsuit itself is simple, it will never be boring.


H&M high-leg swimsuit mole,white,striped // Miss Guided white high-leg bikini

This may be a familiar style if you follow models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner on Instagram. This swimsuit became popular for its basic style and colours and also the 90s high-leg swimsuit trend, just like the scoop-back one piece.

Off the Shoulder

ASOS bongo print off the shoulder bikini // Eloquii off the shoulder one piece

Off the shoulder is popular in all types of clothing, ranging from shirts to dresses and to swimsuits. This swimsuit looks great in both bikinis and one pieces and can be styled nicely with shorts (jeans) if you get chilly by the pool or beach as well.


Lyst beach bunny color block monokini // Ashley Graham X Swim Suits for All bonsai monokini

Monokinis can actually be a really chic style (as shown by Nicki Minaj in her music videos). With the elaborate designs and cut outs, each monokini is stylish in its own way (plus, you’ll get unique tan lines and yes they’re worth it!!)

High-Waist Bikinis

MayKool multi bird print high waist bikini // Victoria Secret Pink black high waist (mix & match)

These high-waisted bottoms can be styled with almost any top and it’ll look like a natural bikini set! Although they might not be too familiar, as they are not as popular as regular bikini bottoms, they will help cover up a bit more skin but also bring out your curves.

Crochet Bikinis

Revolve somedays lovin drumbeat crochet bikini // Missguided stripe crochet bikini

If you haven’t heard/seen these bikinis before, you’re probably thinking what I was thinking when I first saw these: why would anyone make swimsuits out of this type of material??? But this material itself actually helps to emphasis your figure and a lot of different colours can be used, so if you want a colourful bikini, try this out!


Billabong baja babe high-neck // Polyvore lands’ end women’s reversible high-neck

In my opinion, high-neck swimsuits are actually one of the most comfortable to wear, because you don’t have to worry about the straps and it fits nicely around the neck. A lot of high-neck swimsuits have intricate designs, such as stripes and floral.


Zaful green ruffles off the shoulder bikini // Roxy surf essential ruffle one piece

Ruffles have been a part of the fashion industry for a long time and I can totally understand why. This design gives the final touch to make the swimsuit look more elaborate and makes pictures taken on the beach look even greater because of the flowing fabric.

Which one’s your favourite? Hope this helped!


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