Summer 2017 Bucket List

Well it’s like almost the end of July, but I’m blogging about my summer bucket list right now, so I’m behind (once again) but it’s a kind of special topic so hope y’all enjoy! Because I’m in Korea, I guess a lot of my bucket list will be things in Korea but a lot of the things you can probably do in other cities or countries as well. Also, my bucket list isn’t in any particular order of preference or anything.

1) Water Sports

So one of the main things I always wanted to do in the summer are water sports like jet ski or wake boarding. I’ve actually never been jet skiing or wake boarding before but I usually go on like banana boats or flying fish floats and those are always fun. Because it’s summer and it’s boiling hot in Korea, these activities are useful for fitness and fun (wow two-in-one)!!!

flying fish.jpg

2) Chilling at a Pool Villa

I don’t exactly know why but nowadays I really want to go somewhere where I don’t do anything and just stay at a hotel and relax. When I found that there are multiple pool villas in Korea, my mind was like omg omg omg I HAVE to go there. Pool villas are just like fancy hotel rooms that have a private pool attached to it (isn’t this the most luxurious thing ever?)

pool villa.jpg

3) Food Tour

I’ve already been to quite a few food spots in Korea (check out my blog posts on that too), but I want to set one day aside to just go around the city, go to famous food spots and have like however many meals I can fit into my stomach 🙂 I’ll probably have a mix between actual meals and desserts, so if I get the chance to do this, I’ll make a blog post on this too!


4) Going to a Sports Game

I already went to a sports game two days ago (I went to the world grand prix volleyball game because they were playing three rounds in Korea!). It was great because I’ve gotten really into volleyball these days and it was so much more fun watching it in person at the stadium instead of on live TV (and Korea won 3-0)! I’ve also gotten into baseball these days and since there are a lot of baseball games going on in Korea right now, going to one is definitely on my bucket list for this summer.


5) Enjoying the Music

After I found out that something like Coachella existed (believe it or not, I didn’t know Coachella was a thing until this year), I’ve wanted to go to a music festival ever since. When I found out that there are multiple music festivals in Korea too, I got tickets for one of them right away and I’m going to one next week (I’ll blog about this too)! I also love concerts, so I got tickets for that too.

music festival.jpg

6) Family Trip

Because I only see most of my family during the summer time, I think family trips are one of the most important things for me. I really want to go on a road trip, mainly because Korea has heavenly rest strops with great food (the rest stops legit have everything). Family trips have always been the one thing I remember most about the summer, so this will probably always be on my bucket list.

rest stop.jpg

7) Water Parks & Amusement Parks

Although I really hate waiting in line in hot weather, once I get on the rides I always know I’ll end up coming back the next year. I’m such a big fan of thrill rides, so I even went to an amusement park the day that my school exams ended with my friends before I came to Korea for the summer. I especially love the water parks in Korea because a lot of the rides are really long (so they’re worth waiting in line for) and the on-site hotels are so nice too, so we sometimes stay overnight and chill the next day too.

caribbean bay.JPG

8) Shopping Spree

I sometimes find shopping super fun but other times I find it to be the most annoying thing ever because I’m too lazy to try on all the clothes I want to buy. So, I want to set up one day where I will legit go into every pretty store I see, promise myself I won’t be lazy and try on all the clothes and buy what I want to buy (but don’t worry, I’ll be on a budget).

shopping myeongdong.jpg

9) Night Out by the River

Han River is a popular spot in Korea, especially at night during the summer because it is pretty cool by the river and the food service is great. Korea has pretty night views and the river is the perfect place to see it, so many couples, families, friends and more come out at night to sit down, look at the views, and eat night snacks. The delivery service is really developed so if you order fried chicken at the river, they will deliver it straight to you! I’ve always wanted to come out at night and sit by the river so hopefully this year will be that year when I finally get to stay out for the night with my family!


10) Korean Markets

There are a lot of fancy and expensive restaurants in Korea but there are also the traditional Korean markets, where small businesses set up stands and sell food and other goods. I love these markets because not only is the food delicious, but the prices are cheap and the people there are so friendly as well. A lot of the clothing stores in these markets sell clothing at a lot cheaper prices than in retail!

korean market.jpeg

What’s your bucket list for summer 2017? Comment below!



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